The leading world astrophysicist meets with the Dean of UT College of Science

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The leading world astrophysicist meets with the Dean of UT College of Science

Following the invitation to conduct a scientific lecture by Prof. Anne-Marie Lagrange in Tehran, the meeting with the astrophysicist and the president and Board of the Management of the College of Sciences was held on January 30, 2006 at College of Science Campus.

Professor Anne-Marie Lagrange is one of the leading astrophysicists in Europe and a member of the National Center for Scientific Research of France (CNRS). The focus of her research is mainly on planetary systems outside of the solar system and she examines the effects of star activity on the discovery of planets. She has received some prestigious awards including the Knight of the Legion of Glory (the highest Frenchman) from the French Academy of Sciences 2013

This meeting was held in the presence of Dr. Bonté (scientific attaché) and Ms. Bentégeat (French Cultural Attaché). After introducing the structure, activities and scientific capabilities of the College of Science, information about the educational structure and research in the two countries were exchanged. The different frame of support for cooperation opportunities including the Jundishapur's support program and support for postgraduate studies in France were discussed.

Also, some successful cases from the research collaborations between the two countries were highlighted. As one of the leverage for the strengthening of the cooperation between the universities of Iran and France, the conditions and encouragement of the Cottotelles PhD programs were reviewed and discussed

The impact of such scientific lectures on the students' scientific advancement and the update of faculty members was emphasized by the Dean of the College of Science and the effort of Dr. Bonte for implementation of such lectures was acknowledged.

Following this meeting, the scientific lecture and the specific sessions with physicist and astrophysicist of Ms. Professor Lagrange were held at the School of Physics and experts from the Society of Physics and the Iranian Astronomical Society participated in the event.


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