A German Post-Doctroal Researcher at University of Tehran

06 January 2019 | 08:00 Code : 7175 Events

Dr. David M.P. Meier is a Post-Doc researcher in Archaeology at the Faculty of Literature and Human Science of the University of Tehran. He did his Ph.D. dissertation about metallurgical developments in Eastern Iran during the Bronze Age at Freie Universität Berlin and is now conducting a interdisciplinary study of archaeological objects in collaboration with the University of Tehran, the National Museum of Iran and several collections from museums in East Iran.


"I am glad to conduct my archaeological studies here in Iran and I am deeply thankful to the administrational staff and my colleagues at the Universtity of Tehran who are supporting my research in a very obliging way. I recommend to every scientist or student who is interested in Iran to take this opportunity for a research period at the University of Tehra" , he says.

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