The 4th Rectors’ Forum for Top Iranian and Russian Universities

26 November 2018 | 08:00 Code : 6774 News Events

The 4th Rectors’ Forum for Top Iranian and Russian Universities was held in Kish Island hosted by University of Tehran on 24th November, 2018.

In this Forum , President Nili Ahmadabadi presented a talk about the history of academic cooperation between Iranian and Russian Universities. Given the already-established activities on exchange of students and faculty members, he asked for further development of cooperation in joint academic works. As a member of IAU Executive Board and  President of AUAP, he expressed his hope for using these associations and networks to boost international cooperation.

In this Forum , Prof.  Victor Sadovnichi , Rector of Moscow State University presented a speech about the development of universities and higher education and research institutions in Russia. He further added that development of universities is one of the national priorities in Russia and there is a will towards expanding their international programs.

A message from Dr. Sanaei, Ambassador of Islamic Republic of Iran to Russia was read in the event. Mr. Jagarian, Russian Ambassador to Iran also in a short speech expressed his hope for further cooperation and hoped that these joint activities could help with the promotion of knowledge in both countries.

The Deputy for Economic Affairs of Kish Free Zone Organization also talked about the significance of Kish Tourism and explained about its potential capacities for investment.

Prof. Salar Amoli, The Acting Minister and Head of Center for Scientific and International Academic Cooperation at Ministry of Science, Research and Technology also presented a speech on the policies of the MSRT including inserting sciences into the life of people and society, promotion of technical training and internationalization of higher education.

 During this event, rectors and presidents of both sides, i.e. Iranian and Russian universities exchanged ideas with each other on the areas of mutual interest and at the end of the program,  the Final Statement of the Forum was prepared and read.

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