A Chinese student in University of Tehran

12 November 2018 | 14:00 Code : 6677 News Events

My Chinese name is Chen Binbin, and my Persian name is Bahare which means spring. In China, my university is Peking University. As a visiting researcher, I have come to University of Tehran for a month and will study here for a year. Just like China, Iran has a long and continuous civilization and history that is the most wonderful point absorbing me.


During this month, I have tried to adjust myself to the environment of Tehran, such as the space of life, the method of greeting with others, the climate and so on. But what’s the most difficult for me is the language-Farsi. I just can understand some simple Persian words while it is not enough to communicate with Iranians fluently. Fortunately, the Faculty of World Studies in University of Tehran provides Farsi classes for Farsi beginners like me. It is an efficient way to learn Farsi systematically. I also make a lot of friends in my Farsi classes and they come from different countries, for example some from France, some from Italy and some from Canada. We have Farsi classes together and sometimes go to some distinctive restaurants for dinner together. It is interesting and meaningful to share knowledge and experience with them, which could broaden my horizon and enrich my thought.


At the same time, I have chosen three classes about Iranian studies in English. All professors of these classes are learned and friendly. They teach us patiently and prepare teaching materials as much as possible. Except that, I also have played a visit to several professors in history department and archaeology department in order to discuss some academic questions. We shared our opinions and arguments from other scholars about these topics. Finally, I acquired a bunch of enlightenment from them which was pretty valuable.


On weekends, I usually take part in various activities held by Chinese students like reading meeting, going for a picnic and visiting places of interest. It is warm to play with them and make me less homesick. It is true that more and more Chinese students choose to study in Iran. In University of Tehran, some Chinese students study management of economy, some study Persian Language and Literature, some study Iranian history, some study philosophy. It could enhance the cognition of Chinese about Iran. And meanwhile more and more Iranian students are willing to study in China. No matter Chinese students in Iran or Iranian students in China, both of them are bridges between China and Iran which communicate China and Iran, strengthen ties of two countries and build friendly relationship of them.


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