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15 September 2018 | 09:00 Code : 6247 News Events

Hello, my name is Dimitar Betov, and I am a fourth year student at the National Sports Academy "Vasil Levski" in Sofia, Bulgaria, with specialty Sports Management and Pedagogy of Physical Education. I arrived in Iran, Tehran on a joint exchange program between the two Ministries of Education and Science of the Republic of Bulgaria and the Islamic Republic of Iran.

With a scholarship of 5 months, I wished to study at the most prestigious university in Iran, University of Tehran, in the Faculty of Physical Education and Sports Sciences and will study Sports Management and Pedagogy of Physical Education.

The conditions that I am granted for a period of 5 months are great and I will have enough time to exchange op so with their system of sport and especially sports management.

I was warmly welcomed by the international department of the university (Mr. Eskandari, Director General, Office of Int. Relations, Mr. Zangoie, (Protocol Office), Mr. Behzad), who helped me to accommodate me in the dormitory, feed in the canteen of the university and use all other services such as libraries etc.

But the real surprise was when I went to the Faculty of Physical Education and Sports Sciences, personally welcomed by the Dean of the faculty Prof. Reza Rajabi, Ph.D., assistant professor Schherza Zandi, Ph.D. and assistant professor Mohammad, Ph.D.

We were able to discuss any questions about my training and stays waiting for me during these 5 months, having full access to all sports facilities, library, dining room, well-organized and free transportation from the dormitory to the sports faculty.

The term begins on September 20th and I look forward to starting my training in Iran. What made me a great impression is the warm welcome and hospitality that all people have to do with me, I know and am convinced that by training at University of Tehran, in the faculty of Physical Education and Sports Sciences, I will be able to improve my worldview and thinking, meet many new friends and build my skills in the field of sport and sports services, which will give me another perspective on the job and the life ahead!

I know and I am convinced that this will be an unforgettable experience and I cannot wait to start.

 Thank you!

Sincerely yours,

Dimitar Betov

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