UT graduate wins the Fields Medal, a Nobel Prize of Mathematics

05 August 2018 | 13:00 Code : 6036 News Events
UT graduate wins the Fields Medal, a Nobel Prize of Mathematics

A University of Tehran graduate is among the four recipients of the 2018 Fields medals. Freidun Derakhshani( Caucher Birkar) was given the award at the International Congress of Mathematicians in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

The Fields medals, often called the Nobel prize of mathematics, are awarded every four years. Medalists must be under the age of 40 by the start of the year they receive the award, with up to four mathematicians honored at a time.

Freidun Derakhshani(Caucher Birkar), a mathematician at the University of Cambridge, UK won the award for his work on categorizing different kinds of polynomial equations. He proved that the infinite variety of such equations can be split into a finite number of classifications,  a major breakthrough in the field of arithmetic geometry.

Freidun Derakhshani (Caucher Birkar) has become the second Iranian to win the Fields Medal after the late Maryam Mirzakhani.

Professor Derakhshani( Birkar) was born  in Marivan, Kurdistan Province. He studied in his home city and moved to University of Tehran for his higher education in mathematics. Birkar received his PhD at Nottingham University and received the London Mathematical Society (LMS) award as the most promising mathematics student in 2003. Currently, Derakhshani( Birkar) is a Professor at Cambridge University.

University of Tehran takes this opportunity to congratulate Prof. Derakhshani(Birkar) for his outstanding academic acheivement.

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