A Nigerian international student speaks about his experiences at University of Tehran and Iran

05 August 2018 | 08:00 Code : 6031 News Events

I'm Hussaini Abdullahi from Nigeria and a staff of Kano University of Science and Technology Wudil, Nigeria. I was admitted to study PhD in Agricultural Biotechnology in University of Tehran, College of Agriculture and Natural Resources. I have been in Tehran for more than six months and therefore have experience to share pertaining to education, social and religious sectors among others. 

The educational system especially tertiary with which I was directly connected, is sound and efficient, in addition it favors and equate people at all levels of the social ladder. Consequently, majority of the youth I happened to meet, have either completed their first degree or they are on the process.

My friend who once happened to be a student in University of Tehran briefed me on the unquestionable quality of education in the university and this was one of the motivations that paved way for me to study herein. Additionally the scope of the syllabus is approximately wider than most of the renown universities, this is uncovered to me by postgraduate student who was astonished by the extent to which the graduate students went in a course related to his specialization. In addition Iranian women undoubtedly appertain this indomitability in education sector, though exactly opposite have been heard in news media.

As a foreigner, an African on that matter, I have never had any serious misunderstanding with the people here; instead, people hospitably associate with me in most cases. One thing peculiar to taxi drivers however is related to bargain in which always want to turn a nice penny. You may completely settle with a taxi driver, but upon arrival at destination he may turn down the price agreed upon. To avoid this, I usually use a snap Taxi, which is more cheap and free of that problem. 

To my surprise, there were no observable discriminative treatments between foreigners of different beliefs and/or ideology. This is really unbelievable to people who have never visited Iran and associate with Iranian people. Summarily these are very few out of my experience here in Tehran , although I have not been able to visit most of the cities where very interesting buildings of cultural heritage are found . 


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