UT Faraazin translates English and Persian texts

02 July 2018 | 10:10 Code : 5908 News Events

A team of researchers and students led by Associate Prof. Hesham Fili at the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Tehran has been able to build an automatic smart translator for the translation of Persian and English texts.

The research for this program has started about eight years ago. Focusing on neural network models, this program presents a high quality translation as compared with human translation. 

A comparative study between Faraazin and Google translation shows that Faraazin has a better performance significantly in Persian into English texts and a better translation from English into Persian. The website of Faraazin is available at: http://www.faraazin.ir

Image of the news( Courtesy : https://www.marketingweek.com/2018/05/31/marketing-translation/)

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