A delegation from Université de Limoges (University of Limoges), France meets Vice President for International Affairs, University of Tehran

13 May 2018 | 06:00 Code : 5657 Events

On 12 May, 2018,  a French delegation from University of Limoges , comprised of Prof. Joseph Absi, Vice-président délégué  Développement Durable, Université de Limoges (University of Limoges) and Prof. Lic Artiaga, Vice President for Media Relations, Université de Limoges (University of Limoges met Prof. Mohammad Bagher Ghahramani, Vice President for International Affairs, University of Tehran.

The other participants of this meeting included the following faculty members and officials:

  •  Prof. Bhruz Gatmiri, faculty member of College of Engineering and UT representative to AUF
  • Prof. Nahid Shahvediani, Head of Department of French Language , Faculty of Foreign Languages and Literature, UT
  • Ms. Freshteh Davanlou, Head of Department for Scientific and International Cooperation
  • Abdolmajid Eskandari, Director General, Office of International Relations

In this meeting, both sides presented some information about their concerned universities through film and PowerPoint and following mutual exchange of ideas, in principle agreed on the followings:

  • Both sides will takes steps to establish the academic cooperation on water ,  environment, French language, ceramics industry( material sciences) , cinema and theater
  • In order to have concrete results of the meeting, both sides will introduce professors from their affiliated university to be in direct contact for establishing academic cooperation.  

Given the long standing cooperation between University of Tehran and French universities , the active cooperation of UT with AUF and a great number of French universities graduates at UT, both sides expressed their hope for future cooperation. In this meeting the French and UT delegation sides expressed their readiness to exchange information about conferences and inviting the faculty members of each university to participate in the events.

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