A book by UT faculty member published by Springer

10 April 2018 | 13:16 Code : 5480 Events

The book of Geological Core Analysis, Application to Reservoir Characterization written by Prof. Vahid Tavakoli, faculty member of the School of Geology, College of Science, University of Tehran has been published by Springer.

The explanation of the website of Springer about this book reads as follows:

This book offers a compact guide to geological core analysis, covering both theoretical and practical aspects of geological studies of reservoir cores. It equips the reader with the knowledge needed to precisely and accurately analyse cores.

The book begins by providing a description of a coring plan, coring, and core sampling and continues with a sample preparation for geological analysis. It then goes on to explain how the samples are named, classified and integrated in order to understand the geological properties that dictate reservoir characteristics. Subsequently, porosity and permeability data derived from routine experiments are combined to define geological rock types and reduce reservoir heterogeneity. Sequence stratigraphy is introduced for reservoir zonation. Core log preparation is also covered, allowing reservoirs to be analysed even more accurately.

As the study of core samples is the only way to accurately gauge reservoir properties, this book provides a useful guide for all geologists and engineers working with subsurface samples.


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