Research Day in University of Tehran

10 December 2016 | 15:00 Code : 3693 News Events
Research Day in University of Tehran

Research is the infrastructure of the knowledge-based development and the most basic indicator of progress in each society. The role of research in line with sustainable development is such noticeable that it can be with no doubt considered as a driving force of development in all fields including culture, economy and politics. In order to expand the culture of research at national level, 15 December 2016 has been named as the "Research Day" and the third week of December as the National Week of Research and Technology by Council for Public Culture.

In line with this ideal, since 1991 for the purpose of celebrating the top researchers and with due attention to the culture building for quality-based and effective research parallel with promotion of the national and international position of UT , the production of wisdom-based knowledge and emergence of UT among the universities of third generation, every year UT has hold a ceremony of Research and Technology Festival and thereby glorifies the selected figures as follows:

  1. Exemplary veteran researchers
  2. Outstanding researchers
  3. Exemplary researchers
  4. Exemplary young researchers
  5. Outstanding research projects
  6. Exemplary basic research projects
  7. Selected applied projects
  8. Specific research achievements
  9. Top ideas
  10. Exemplary libraries and labs
  11. Top technological companies
  12. Exemplary student researchers
  13. Exemplary theses/dissertations

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