A UT M.A. Dissertation Studied the Changes in the Function of the Enzymes Involved in the Visual Cycle of a Common Eye Disease

08 November 2021 | 22:22 Code : 23385 News Achievements
UT PR: In her M.A. dissertation, Maedeh Motahar, the UT student of biochemistry, studied the changes in the function of the enzymes involved in the visual cycle of a common eye disease.

This research studies a part of the mechanism of action in an enzyme named inosine monophosphate dehydrogenase as one of the stages in the visual cycle of the disease named retinitis pigmentosa (RP10); the importance of this issue will probably be highlighted in the future by the discovery of efficient medicines for the treatment of eye diseases caused by gene mutations of enzymatic species within the retina.

These research findings are based on the M.A. dissertation by Maedeh Motahar, a UT biochemistry student, on "In Vitro Comparison of the Regulation of Wild-Type Ocular Isoforms Named IMPDH1 and Mutant Recombinant of D226N Gene in Mouse Models Under the Influence of Purine Nucleotides".

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