A film by UT students/alumni selected to be part of LJMU MA Short Film Festival

07 April 2021 | 09:30 Code : 15653 Events

Winter Memories

Short Film Nomination


The short film Winter Memories directed by students/alumni Zahra Kababian and Amir Mahdi Safdari has been selected to be part of LJMU MA Short Film Festival that will take place online between the 16th and 23rd April (https://ljmumashortfilmfestival.org/ ), and nominated for a Paper Bird Award that will be awarded by a special jury and announced on the 21st April (https://ljmumashortfilmfestival.org/paper-bird-award-and-jury/). The festival is free and open to everyone, and all viewers can vote for an Audience Paper Bird Award, that will be announced on the last day.

This is an international student film festival, organized as part of the MA Film at Liverpool John Moores University. The programmers and curators are students.


An old lady who has a memory problem cyclically remember memories of a time when she tried to make a shawl for her father who went to war and never returned.

Zahra Kababian

Co-Produced with Amir Mahdi Safdari


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