A virtual meeting held between President of UT and Rector of University of Vienna

28 January 2021 | 04:15 Code : 14660 Events

On 27 January, 2021, Prof. Mahmoud Nili Ahmadabadi, President of University of Tehran met Prof. Heinz Werner Engl., Rector of University of Vienna, Austria virtually.

This meeting which was held in the presence of some of other officials and faculty members of both sides, the two presidents exchanged ideas on the ways of promoting the already-established academic ties between the two universities.

Given the long standing collabortion in the past and present potential for cooperation, in this meeting, various topics of interest including literature, Iranian studies, language, art, science, engineering and also further collaboration within EU programs were discussed.  Both parties agreed to work further on the followings: 

·Both universities are very interested in renewing the existing agreement (expiring in September 2021) and deepening collaboration.

·There is well-developed cooperation in art history

·There has been a discussion of extending cooperation to the life sciences/biotechnology. Both universities will map their sub-fields, strengths and priorities and explore areas for collaboration

·There is also a possibility of cooperation in business administration

·Student exchange may be a possibility at PhD level

·Both the University of Tehran and the University of Vienna welcome online cooperation/virtual exchange activities. In German studies, two faculty members, one at UoT and one at UoV, are planning to conduct a COIL (collaborative online international learning) course, involving cooperation of students from both universities.