ICPS launches the first series of courses on Persian language in Japan by Genza Corporation

14 October 2020 | 09:26 Code : 13075 Events

The first series of courses on Persian language of ICPS- Dehkhoda Encyclopedia Institute has started formally since 8 October, 2020 by Genza Corporation in Japan.

The message of Prof. Bijan Khan, Head of ICPS and Dehkhoda Encyclopedia Institute addressed to Japanese Persian learners reads as follows:

"I am very happy that you intend to learn Persian. Persian language is a member of Indo-European family. It is more than three thousand years that Iranian people are using this language for communication with each other. Iran has one of the oldest civilizations and cultures of the world. For this reason, Persian literature holds the richest literary works in the history of human. I give you the good news that Persian learning is very simple and when you learn Persian, you will enjoy reading the poems of poets such as Hafez, Saadi and Molavi.

ICPS and Dehkhoda Encyclopedia Institute along with Genza Language Corporation hope that in collaboration with each other, they could provide unforgettable days with the sweet taste of Persian language for you beloved learners. May I wish you health and success and congratulate you for learning Persian language in advance".

These series of courses will be held with the participation of 12 language learners in three levels of preliminary one, preliminary two and intermediate two by Iranian professors residing in Japan and Japanese professors in the area of Persian language and under full supervision of International Center for Persian Studies and Dehkhoda Encyclopedia Institute.

For further information, please refer to the website of the Genza Corporation at:


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