UT professor presents a talk on universal charter at Islamic Republic of Iran UN-Habitat Tehran Office

13 October 2020 | 08:58 Code : 13050 News

Mohammad Mehdi Mazaheri, The Secretary of the Human Settlement National Committee, (Iran UN- Habitat Tehran Office) invited Dr. Seyed Kazem Alavipanah and Dr. Mousavi Movahedi, faculty members of University of Tehran to exchange ideas and speak on their global message entitled A Septuple Charter for Coexistence in the Future World

Dr. Alavipanah along with Dr. Mousavi Movahedi attended the meeting which was held in the presence of the members of the National Housing Committee in September, 2020. 

During the meeting Dr. Alavipanah presented a speech and discussed the subject of the Universal Charter within the framework of seven axes including: Self-Perception, The Change, Raising Happiness, Deficiency of Power, Knowledge and Spirituality, Peace and Truthfulness and Inner voice.

At the end of his presentation, which was welcomed by the participants of the meeting, it was decided that the committee assists with sending the charter and its concept to a wider audience in the relevant international centers for their consideration.

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