Dr. Ehsan Eshraghi passed away

15 January 2020 | 00:00 Code : 10636 Events

Dr. Ehsan Eshraghi, one of the eminent retired professors of the Faculty of Literature and Humanities, University of Tehran and a full-member of the Academy of Sciences passed away at the age of 92.

He was born in Qazvin . He authored and translated many books and articles and supervised a great number of theses. He also presented papers and lectures in many international conferences in France, UK, and many other countries.

In his record of academic publications, there are many outstanding works such as the correction and edition of texts including Naqavat al Asar fi Zekr al Akhyar ( Afoshtei Natanzi) , Kholasat al Tavarikh ( Qazi Ahmad Qomi ) , Tarikh Soltani       ( Astarabadi) , Janat  Adan ( Adi Beik Shiarzi) , and his latest work was Afzal al Tavarikh ( Fazli Khozani) and translations  of books such as the Role of Anatoly Turks in the establishment and development of Safavid State. 

On the occasion of his demise, Board of Directors of UT sent a condolence message addressed to the UT academic community.

May God Bless His Soul

P.S. The funeral service for Prof. Eshraghi was held on 18 January, 2020 in the presence of a great number of professors and students.

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