Clove essential oil loaded chitosan nanoparticles preserve the shelf life of pomegranate arils

27 November 2019 | 00:00 Code : 10131 News

Scientists at the University of Tehran (Iran) have investigated the effect of four different coating dispersions including chitosan, clove essential oil, chitosan nanoparticles and clove essential oil loaded chitosan nanoparticles (CEO-ChNPs or encapsulated oil) on shelf life and quality of minimally processed pomegranate arils during storage at 5 °C.

"Results showed that among tested dispersions, CEO-ChNPs extended aril shelf life for 54 days while uncoated arils became unmarketable at day 18 due to the incidence of fungal decay. At the end of storage, microbial quality, weight, total soluble solid, titratable acidity, pH, total phenol and total anthocyanin content, as well as antioxidant activity and sensory quality were significantly maintained in pomegranate arils coated with CEO-ChNPs compared to uncoated arils- explain the scientists - CEO-ChNPs were the most effective coating for extending shelf life and controlling undesirable microbial, physicochemical and sensory changes of pomegranate arils."

Source: Nayeresadat Hasheminejad, Faramarz Khodaiyan, 'The effect of clove essential oil loaded chitosan nanoparticles on the shelf life and quality of pomegranate arils', 2020, Food Chemistry, Vol. 309, 125520.

Publication date: Tue 26 Nov 2019

Author: Emanuela Fontana


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