Unveiling Mini Sourena in the presence of Vice-President of Science and Technology

Unveiling Mini Sourena in the presence of Vice-President of Science and Technology

02 May 2017 | 16:13 News Code : 4115 News Top News

On the eve of the second anniversary of unveiling the humanoid robot Sourena 3, the ceremony of unveiling its commercial achievements was held in the fifth Iranian-made Laboratory Materials and Equipment Fair, 24-27th April 2017 with the support of Office of Vice-presidency of Science and Technology.

In the International Fair, Persian Gulf Building, with the presence of Dr Sourena Sattari, Vice-president of Science and Dr Mohammad Farhadi, Minister of Science, Research and Technology, 1000 products from 300 knowledge-based companies were presented, with this robot being unveiled symbolically.

As a social Iranian robot, the application of this robot in the first place is presentation of a novel generation of social-educational media, presented for encouraging public audience including high school and university students or accelerating work therapy procedure and learning communicative learnings and enhancing the emotional intelligence of special users such as hearing impaired individuals and children suffering from autism.

The main feature that distinguishes it from all of its foreign counterparts is supporting Persian language. This feature along with its simple and user-friendly user interface makes it suitable to cater for a wide range of users. Furthermore, the open source structure of the codes and software interfaces presented along with various practical examples and powerful support team allow academicians to also benefit from this robot so that they can design their customized algorithms and scenarios and implement on it.  

This robot has been developed by the joint cooperation of a knowledge based called Ati Kavosh System, Center of Advanced Systems & Technologies of University of Tehran, and support of Office of Vice Presidency of Science and Technology.

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