1. How far is University of Tehran (UT) from Imam Khomeini International Airport?

    University of Tehran is located at the center of Tehran. Imam Khomeini International Airport is located 35 km. to the Southwest of Tehran, between Tehran-qum and Tehrn-Saveh highways. It takes about one hour to reach the UT from the airport. 

2. How do I get to UT?

From the airport, the UT main campus can be reached by airport taxi (about 1 hour).

3. How much does it cost to live in UT?

The daily living expenses depend on the needs and lifestyle of the individual. To ensure that students have enough financial provision before applying for admission, we estimate the cost of accommodation, food, local travel, living and other personal expenses for self-supporting single student to be a minimum of USD …..

4. Where can I stay?

The cheapest accommodation is on campus, sharing a room with one or two others, and using communal facilities but this should be coordinated in advance. If you prefer to stay off campus, there is a wide range of accommodation through estate agents.

    For further assistance regarding accommodation, please contact the International Students Office  isoapplication@ut.ac.ir 

5. How do I get an entry visa?

When you have received the acceptance letter from the University of Tehran , you should contact the Iranian Embassy or Consulate in your home country to obtain an entry visa. Once you have arrived in Iran, you are requested to contact the International Students Office to follow up the extension of your visa. 

6. Should I get health insurance?

You can get treatment for minor ailments at very little cost at the Students’ Health Clinic near the campus. However, you are strongly advised to take out your own medical insurance to cover yourself against unforeseen eventualities including a possible stay in a local hospital. You can obtain health insurance cover from local insurance companies.

7.Will there be University of Tehran representatives receiving me at the airport upon arrival in Tehran? Is transportation provided as well? 

 No. There will not be any representatives or transportation from the University of Tehran at the airport when you arrive. You will need to take the public transport such as taxi from airport to the city center on your own.

3. Will I be provided with accommodation if I study in University of Tehran?

 No. The University of Tehran does not provide or guarantee accommodations for international students. Nevertheless, the International Student Office can assist and help you in getting accommodation by providing you with a list of hostels/apartments that you can contact.

4. Do I need to have Persian qualification to apply for University of Tehran?

If you do not have any of the above qualifications, you can apply and if your application is accepted, you will be required to attend the university Persian classes at the venue of the International Center for Persian Studies.

5. Will University of Tehran provide me with student visa and when can I get them??

Yes. The University of Tehran will provide you with student visa if your application is successful and when you have officially registered as a student in the university.

6. How an international applicant may apply for admission at the University of Tehran?

.The foreign applicants who wish to pursue their studies leading to a formal academic degree, should send their inquiries to isoapplication@ut.ac.ir for the attention of International Students Office . The detailed information is available at www.ut.ac.ir [click on admission].  The Office is under the jurisdiction of Vice-President for Academic Affairs located in 16 Azar a walking distance from the main campus.

7. How can foreign applicant apply for a short term academic stay at the University of Tehran?

The foreign applicants who wish to spend a short term in the University of Tehran , they may send their request to Office of International Relations at (international@ut.ac.ir) . Those who wish to apply for the short courses on Persian language may send their request to ICPS@ut.ac.ir for the attention of International Center for Persian Studies affiliated with the University of Tehran

8. How can foreign applicants apply for sabbatical leave at the University of Tehran?

The foreign faculty members or students who wish to spend their sabbatical leave or scientific mission at the University of Tehran may correspond with the Office of International Relations or to the colleges/faculties directly addressed their letters to the advisors of dean on international affairs.

9. What is the process of applying visa for an academic visit to the University of Tehran?

The foreign visitors who wish their visa to be arranged by the University of Tehran should correspond with the respective college/faculty/institute . They will be asked to fill in a visa form and after confirmation , their visa will be processed with the help of University of Tehran.

10. How can foreign researchers attend the University of Tehran to conduct research?

Presenting an official introduction letter issued by the foreign universities, the applicant may refer to the Office of International Relations and get the letter to various affiliated units of the university.

11. What is the process of the verification of degrees issued by the University of Tehran?

The request for the verification of degrees issued by the University of Tehran should be addressed to the General Office of Academic Affairs (undergraduate), or General Office of Post-Graduate Studies,(post-graduate) located at Enghlab Avenue, 16 Azar Street

12. Is there any accommodation available to foreign applicants?

Accommodation: University of Tehran has a furnished guest house which can be used by foreign scholars. It is located near the main campus The information about its tariff can be obtained by sending an email to international@ut.ac.ir.

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